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Welcome to Urban Survival craft, your home for all things survival.  Whether it is surviving a wilderness outing gone wrong or preparing for a man made or natural disaster.  Whether it is bugging out across the wasteland, or surviving a criminal attack in the urban jungle. 


Our programs are student driven and reality based.  We focus on the most probable scenarios and then extend outward through the possibilities from worst case to best case.  This approach ensures you will get the most comprehensive skill sets in a realistic manner and in a way in which you will be instantly able to apply should them should the need arise.  Our curriculum blends ancient and traditional skills with modern skills, tools, and research.  Our cadre of topnotch instructors will ensure the material is presented in a clear, concise and easily to retain manner.   


Our students have ranged from private civilian groups to members of law enforcement, military and private security contractors.    Students can pick from our standard menu of courses or if a group is interested we can custom tailor courses to suit their needs.  Classes are held in a variety of environments including sessions in the classroom as well as out the field.  Exercises can range from mildly exerting to very physically demanding depending of the level of the course.  We will strive to ensure the student receives everything they will need to succeed. 


What’s new at USC.

We are always in pursuit of individuals who posses talents that fit our style or curriculums and would like to share or teach.

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We are in the process of relocating  our Training Facility.

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Womans Self Def

Remember, having a concealed carry permit means you have a responsibility to to yourself to get additional training.

We offer two courses which are directly related to carrying concealed; Carry Concealed Combative and Combative Mindset

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Get your certification for training in First Aid and CPR Courses, as well as some other medical care related courses.

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Are you ready for Hurricane season?

We will be hosting a series of Hurricane preparedness seminars over the next month, follow us on Facebook for more information.