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Home Firearm Safety Course

 The NRA Home Firearm Safety Course is the basic course that is recommend to anyone unfamiliar with guns or who needs a to  learn gun terminology, safety, rules of safe gun handling, identifying and unloading various types of firearms, types of ammunition,  cleaning and proper storage.

 NRA's Home Firearm Safety handbook, pamphlets. Completion Certificate

 Students will also get hands-on experience with the most common types of handguns, rifles and shotguns.

 Course Goal:

 “To teach the basic knowledge and skills and to explain the attitude necessary for the safe handling and storage of guns in the  home.”

This is a great course for parents and concerned adults and can be coupled with the Eddie Eagle Program if young children and pre-teens are present in the house



Usually 2 hours.

Group classes can be arranged call for scheduling and Rates.

If children/preteens are present in the Home the NRA Eddie Eagle class is given, and NSSF sponsors the project child safe program for teens and young adults, both given at no additional charge.