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 Carry Concealed Combative's

This course could very well be called hand to hand for concealed carriers.We delve deeply into the “within arms reach” distance common in most real life criminal assaults.This course is much more than a simple disarm and weapon retention class. You will learn the realities of how to properly use firearms in extreme close quarters.This is a must take for anyone who carries a gun whether you are a civilian cwp holder or an armed professional this course will integrate the skills you will need to prevail in a lethal force extreme close quarter situation!

For this class you will need your regular carry gear. NO LIVE AMMO, In classroom. If you have a training gun (Rubber blue gun) bring it and Graduates of Defensive Knife 101 may also bring their knife trainers. Gloves are also recommended.

Pay Now - Deposit Only Pay Now - In Full

To secure your seat for this class please complete registration form and email to or fax to 1+305-359-9667.

Online Deposit  is required. $25.00

You can pay balance via cash or check to Urban Survival Craft or you may choose to pay in full via secure portal. See links below.

If needed please contact instructor to make other arrangements.

Saturday/Sunday Classes will be held from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Weekday Classes are held  in two sessions from  6:30 PM to 9:00 PM

Class Cost $65.00

Instructor: Tony Torre

Please click on class registration link below and fill out registration and release form 1 or contact Instructor